Legal Research Assistants

“We are always interested in the possibility of employing doctoral students as legal research assistants during the dissertation period. This opportunity can also pave the way for further cooperation following admission to practice. Our extensive library ensures you have access to the necessary current resources for research in commercial and banking law, as well as in civil procedure.”
Ralf E. Schubert M.B.A.

  • We are currently looking for legal research assistants with a proven interest in the areas of: commercial and corporate law, as well as banking and capital market law.
  • We expect excellent exam results (at least ‘vollbefriedigend’).
  • Due to the fact that a significant proportion of our cases have an international aspect, we expect you to have very strong English skills.

Referendare (Trainee Lawyers)

  • We are always pleased to employ trainee lawyers both within the framework of the statutorily-regulated ‘Referendar’ training period, as well as outside the scope of this compulsory ‘station’. We offer candidates the opportunity to apply their legal knowledge to factual situations.

Legal Trainees

  • In order to assist prospective lawyers on their way to a successful career, we offer committed law students the possibility of a practical training program within (and beyond) the scope of the Juristenausbildungsgesetzes (Lawyers Qualification Act).
  • You will be expected to mainly provide legal assistance in various areas of civil law. This involves, for example, in addition to the thorough review and presentation of factual content, the identification and analysis of simple legal issues through to the drafting of both internal memoranda and formal legal opinions. You will also have the opportunity to assist in the structuring and drafting of contracts and court documents, whereby you will be expected, as appropriate, to carry out in-depth reviews of court decisions and produce relevant and concise legal analyses of these.
  • We expect you to have a solid understanding of and to be able to apply the five books of the German Civil Code. In addition, we also require that you have a general knowledge of commercial and corporate law. You should also have a sound command of English.
  • Following successful completion of the practical training program and your familiarization with the practice of law, we would also be interested in offering you the opportunity of providing further legal assistance to our practice.

Trainee Paralegal (Auszubildende)

  • We have a trainee paralegal position vacant, commencing on 1 August 2016.
  • The successful completion of a multi-week practical experience program (full-time or part-time) is a pre-condition for such traineeship. Further pre-requisites are a technical college entrance qualification as well as a solid command of the German and English languages. Command of a further foreign language would be of significant benefit to your application.


“Our clients expect advice from us that is not only based on sound legal knowledge, but also takes into account the ‘whole picture’, and in particular, their commercial goals. Our objective is to meet these expectations not only today, but also in the future.”
Ralf E. Schubert M.B.A.

  • In the expansion of our practice, we place great value on ‘quality instead of quantity’. We are currently looking for lawyers with an interest in the areas of commercial and corporate law, as well as banking and capital market law.
  • We expect excellent exam results (at least ‘vollbefriedigend’), and ideally a doctor title (near completion) and/or a ‘Master of Laws’ title. Due to the fact that a significant proportion of our cases have an international aspect, a sound command of the English language (preferably acquired overseas) is a requirement. In addition, commercial experience would also be of advantage to your application.
  • We are looking for future partners for our practice. For this reason, we are interested in people who not only have the required legal capabilities, but also the personal attributes that are necessary to grow into this role within a foreseeable timeframe.
  • We offer an interesting and varied practice in a commercially-oriented law firm, as well as thorough training both ‘on the job’ as well as within the scope of internal and external professional development programs.