Clarity and transparency in financial matters are important.
This is particularly relevant for the client-lawyer relationship,
and the reason the lawyers in our Kanzlei
strive for transparency of fees.”
Ralf E. Schubert M.B.A.

Basically, we determine our fees according to the following criteria:

As a general rule our fees are determined with reference to the following criteria:

  • commercial significance of the matter;
  • complexity of the legal issues; and
  • time required.
Time-based fee

We normally charge for our services on the basis of hourly rates, which vary depending on the seniority of the responsible lawyer and the relevant area of law. Our hourly rates currently vary between € 220.00 and € 450.00 plus statutory VAT. The applicable hourly rate is agreed with our clients at the outset of the matter.

Flat-fee arrangement

Flat-fee arrangements lend themselves in particular to group or class actions, in which comparable legal issues are to be tried.

Contingency Fee

Contingency fees for legal services have been possible in Germany since July 1, 2008, but they remain subject to strict statutory conditions. With a contingency fee arrangement, the lawyer will normally have a percentage interest in the financial outcome of the matter; in the event that the claim is not successful, the lawyer receives no

Statutory Fee Regime and its modification

In the event that no specific remuneration agreement is entered into, the services performed by a lawyer for his/her client are charged in accordance with the statutory scale of fees and charges. This statutory remuneration scheme is essentially focused on the amount in dispute, or otherwise the value of the object of the claim. For commercial matters, this fee structure is usually inappropriate, both for the client and for the lawyer. In such cases, we modify the statutory fee in order to take into account the circumstances of the individual case in question.

possibilities of litigation

Dispute Resolution