We are a team of experienced lawyers headed by founding partner Ralf E. Schubert. Most of our lawyers have practical commercial experience in addition to their legal expertise. We strive for pragmatic, commercially-focussed approaches to our clients’ transactions and solutions to our clients’ problems. In addition, the international experience of our lawyers ensures that in crossborder matters intercultural differences are taken into account: whether during negotiations; in the structuring of contracts; or in the resolution of disputes.

2. Where are we located?

Our offices are located on the banks of the Rhine River just outside the city centre of Cologne, the most populous city of North-Rhine Westphalia (‘NRW’). NRW is one of 16 German states and the premier industrial and economic region of Germany, and also the main target of foreign investment. Not only do approximately 40% of Germany’s top 100 companies have their headquarters here, but the region is a powerhouse of Germany’s characteristic small and medium-sized enterprises.

3. How can we help you?

The areas of commercial and corporate law on the one hand and banking and capital market law on the other form the pillars of our practice. Our depth of experience in all forms of dispute resolution supports both general areas of expertise.

We can help you with corporate issues such as:
• Strategic advice in relation to business establishment
• Company restructuring
• Succession planning
• Capital increases and reductions
• Changes of legal form of business entity
• Mergers and acquisitions
• Shareholder disputes
• D&O insurance
• Directors’ and management boards’ rights and obligations.

We can advise you with financial issues, for example:
• Capital investment and private equity
• Loans and credit finance and their securitization
• Legal evaluation of business plans
• Leasing and factoring
• Banking and capital market criminal law.

We can support you with your legal documentation, such as:
• Contracts for the supply or purchase of goods
• Distribution and agency agreements
• Company officer / senior management service contracts
• General terms and conditions of trade
• MoUs and LOIs.

If you are involved in international commerce, areas in which we can assist you, include:
• Drafting and negotiating international contracts
• Advising on EU relevant laws
• Enforcing claims both outside and within Germany
• Settingup and expanding international distribution channels
• Dispute resolution by way of negotiations, mediation, arbitration.

4. Would you like further information, or to contact us?

If you would like any further information regarding the scope of our legal services, please refer to our homepage. Alternatively, you can phone or email any of our lawyers directly.

We would be very pleased to be able to be of support to you and your business.