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It’s about understanding the game, not just knowing the rules.

Not every dispute is able to be resolved by way of negotiation or an alternative dispute resolution procedure. In such cases, we enforce and protect our client’s commercial interests by way of court action. Whether acting for the plaintiff or the defendant, we have significant experience and expertise in:

  • General Commercial disputes, e.g. breach of contract
  • Company-internal disputes, e.g. between shareholders
  • Disputes regarding liability of company directors, e.g. alleged delayed filing of insolvency applications
  • Banking law disputes, e.g. alleged wrongful investment advice
  • Intellectual property disputes, e.g. claims for injunctions, claims for information and account of profits, as well as claims for damages for breach of copyright
  • Employment disputes, e.g. continued payment of salary as a result of the termination of a directorship
  • Family law disputes, e.g. maintenance claims
  • Succession law disputes, e.g. claims for a compulsory portion
  • Distribution law disputes, e.g. compensatory claims of a commercial agent for loss of clientele following the termination of the agency relationship
  • Competition law disputes, e.g. actions to cease and desist with certain advertising measures